Terms and Conditions

These Terms of Business are important. You should read them carefully. If there is anything you do not understand, you should seek independent legal advice. These Terms and Conditions apply to Lifetime Planning Associates Ltd [‘The Company’]

All work undertaken by the Company is governed by these terms of business. The Client relationship is solely with The Company and The Company has sole legal liability for the work done and for any acts or omissions in the course of that work and no member consultant agent servant officer employee of The Company will have any personal legal liability.

These Terms and Conditions are governed by and will be construed in accordance with English Law. All products will be drafted in the English language and under and in compliance with English Law only.

Definitions and Interpretation

“Fee” means the money payable by The Client to The Company for the Service which will be held on account of our charges until the work as per any agreement between The Client and The Company commences. The total charges will be notified to The Client in person when The Company takes instructions from The Client. The Company fees are based on the criteria that they shall be fair and reasonable having regard to all the circumstances of the case and as shall be specified in the instruction form and any initial letter of contact and as based on a fixed fee arrangement for the type of work specified.

“Instructions” means The Client’s instructions for the supply of estate planning and ancillary services.

“The Company” means Lifetime Planning Associates Ltd which is a trading name of Lifetime Planning Associates LTD which is a Company registered in England and Wales company registration No. 11240459 whose registered office is at 71-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JG and with respect thereto The Company shall mean “us” or “we” or “our Firm” and its agents employees officers or any third party instructed by The Company to act on its behalf in the provision of the Services [ including anyone to whom The Company transfers, subcontracts or assign its rights and obligations under this agreement. You acknowledge and agree that if you make a claim relating to or in connection with The Services provided by The Company the claim shall be against The Company.

“Service” means Estate Planning and allied services provided by The Company and the provision of wills, powers of attorney or trust documentation and / or as more particularly set out in the Customer Service agreement.

“The Client” means the person who contracts with The Company for the provision of Services and “Client” shall mean “you” or

“your” or any person firm or company purchasing services from The Company.

“Contract” shall comprise these terms together with any allied documentation.

1.  The Agreement

The Company agrees to provide the service or services as detailed herein at the fee stated overleaf.

The Client/s agrees to pay for these services in full upon signature of this Agreement or otherwise and if agreed a deposit of one quarter of the fee with the balance to be paid within 10 days of this agreement.

The Client/s agrees that upon the death of The Client/s (or either of them) any outstanding balance for the inclusive service applicable to The Client/s shall be paid in full prior to any distribution of the deceased’s estate.

The Company does not accept any liability or obligation to advise The Client/s of any changes in legislation or taxation after the contract is completed and the documents delivered to The Client/s and which may affect The Client/s either directly or indirectly and which may necessitate a review of the service supplied by The Company.

The Client/s agrees that this Agreement shall not be made void or unenforceable even though any Executor Administrator or

Trustee of the Client/s estate should not use the services provided by The Company.

2.  The Client/s Hereby Declares and Agrees as follows: -

The information given to The Company is correct to the best of my / our knowledge and is that on which I / we instruct The Company to draft my / our Wills Asset Trust LPAs and any other estate planning services and I / we accept responsibility for any information given to The Company and which is used by The Company in drafting documents and delivery of services.

I / we acknowledge that The Company does not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions that may arise as a result of incorrect information supplied or of my / our failure to check any Will Asset Trust LPAs or other documents drafted on information supplied by me / us.

I / we understand that the said information may be passed to The Company’s advisors and I / we hereby authorise the said advisors to contact me / us to discuss and offer to me / us such services as it may provide and I / we hereby agree to our contact details being disclosed to The Company’s advisors for this purpose.

I / we hereby agree to The Company and/or any of its associated professional advisors contacting anyone or all of the appointed

Guardians Trustees Executors Administrators and Attorneys for any purpose related to the Estate Planning of my / our estate to offer such advice and services as they may deem appropriate.

Should I / we decide not to proceed with this agreement any application for a refund within the “cooling off period” must be as set out in The Company’s Essential information for Clients supplementary to our standard Terms and Conditions

3.  The Company Hereby Declares and Agrees as follows :-

It will prepare all necessary documents for the Client/s in accordance with the instructions given to it on the date hereof or on such other occasions as required by The Client/s.

The Company may charge additional fees if after the initial drafting stage The Client/s amend their instructions from those originally provided.

It shall endeavour to deliver the documents within one calendar month after the fourteen-day “cooling off period” [commencing on the date of this Agreement] and subject to all necessary information having been supplied to it.

It is under no obligation to supervise the execution / attention of any of the documents supplied by it and it follows that it accepts no responsibility for any un-executed or improperly executed documents.

The Company does not provide advice on taxation and any discussion on the subject is advisory only and The Client/s remains responsible for taking their own independent financial advice on all tax matters and the taxation implications of any services provided.